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We have now started introducing a line of accessories.

A number of these are under development, including laser sights (for practise only), touch up paint, and others. 

The following are now available...

CapsAnnabel Fenwick Elliott

We have some baseball-style caps, blue cotton, with a mallet logo on the front and "Fenwick Elliott Mallets" at the back. These cost $AU25. If ordered with a mallet (or just a shaft or just a head) a cap can be included in the same package; otherwise p&p is $5 within Australia or $10 overseas.

These caps are ultimate croquet chic.

Neoprene Head Covers

Some neoprene head covers are now avalaible, to protect your head from bumps and scratches when not in use. The cover attaches by means of velcro strips, and there is a panel inside on which you can write your name. They say "Fenwick Elliott Mallets" on one side and "www.insearchoftheperfectmallet.com" on the other.

Cost is $AU30 - there is no charge for P&P if ordered with a new mallet.

Cover openCover on head


bagAfter working on some prototypes, we have developed a bag for croquet players, designed to be convenient enough to throw into the back of a car for that weekly game, big enough to hold a couple of mallets and all of the other stuff that croquet players tend to carry around (shoes, markers, waterproofs, a packed lunch, handicap cards etc) AND tough enough to withstand the rigours of airport baggage handlers!

The bag contains channels in the base for rigid 40mm drainage pipe, so that shafts should be fully protected when the head is detached from the shaft. For local use, a complete mallet of up to about 40" will fit in the bag without detaching the head from the shaft.Gavin Bow with bag

There is an internal pocket and an external for small items, and a tag holder for identification. The bag comes complete with both short and long carrying straps.

These bags cost $AU65 + p&p, or in the US, $US100 plus US p&p. 


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