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Robert Fenwick Elliott 2005-2006

Fenwick Elliott Mallets

...started out when Robert Fenwick Elliott made a few croquet mallets for himself, and was asked if he could make also something for some friends.  After a while, things had started to grow, and in September 2006 Bryan Ewart-Searle joined as General Manager. In November 2007, the pressure of Bryan's other commitments took its toll, and the role of General Manager was taken by Gavin Bow. Wayne Davies is now our man in the States.

About Gavin Bow

Gavin BowGavin has been a user of various Fenwick Elliott Mallets for quite a while - long before he took on the role of General Manager, and has used them is a wide variety of interesting competitions between Australia and Sweden. His world ranking would be even higher if he has not stuck in most of the hoops involved in these competitions, typically after pulling a break out of nothing, and with an opponent ball immediately adjacent.

He is President of Adelaide's South Terrace Croquet Club, and in 2009 was again appointed captain of the South Australian Men's Golf Croquet Team. As at August 2009, his world ranking in Association Croquet is 710. He played in the qualifying tournament for the WCF Laidlaw World Golf Croquet Championship in South Africa in March 2008. His handicap is currently 4 in both association and golf croquet.

About Wayne Davies

Wayne DaviesWayne has taken on the role of our agent for the United States and Canada from mid-2008. Wayne was real tennis world champion from 1987 to 1994, and international squash player and former US Professional Rackets Champion. He took up croquet in 2004. He finished in 5th place in the both 2007 US 6 Wicket Nationals and 2008 US Association Nationals.

He now lives in Nantucket MA, where he is head tennis professional at The Westmoor Club. He is a coach with Croquet Professionals.

About Robert Fenwick Elliott

RJFERobert studied physics and then literature at the University of Kent at Canterbury, and then went on to Law School and became a lawyer, setting up and then for 21 years heading Fenwick Elliott LLP in London, which is now the largest construction law specialist firm in the Commonwealth of Nations. He now lives in Adelaide, South Australia, and having failed in his efforts to retire from the law, is a partner in Fenwick Elliott Grace, a construction law firm in Adelaide, with his wife Jeanie and others. He is also a mediator and adjudicator, and sits as a member of the Hearings Tribunal of Croquet Australia. His personal web site is at http://www.users.on.net/~rjfenwickelliott/diary.html.

It took him a year to get his own croquet handicap down from 18 to 7. It is now 4.5. As at December 2009, his world ranking is 575, but the demands of legal practice are currently preventing him from playing much at all.

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