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General Croquet Sites

The Oxford Croquet site is the best croquet site by far, run by Dr Ian Plummer. Hugely informative, well-organised and generally indispensable. 


Norwood Croquet Club

Norwood Croquet Club, in the eastern part of Adelaide, has happily revived its website at www.norwoodcroquet.asn.au.

Hyde Park Croquet Club

There is a website for the Hyde Park Croquet club, in the southern part of Adelaide, here.


The Croquet Association shop at Cheltenham, UK is excellent.

Other Mallet Makers

There are several excellent mallet makers out there.

Of the makers of traditional mallets,  Wood Mallets are hard to beat.  They are made in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, but are shipped anywhere.  At US$150 each, they are excellent value, and play as well or better than any other traditional mallet that I have yet tried.  My mates who play polo say that George Wood’s polo mallets are great too.  

In England, John Hobbs has a very good reputation, as does Alan Pidcock (Manor House) and Mike Percival.

In the USA, Ed Roberts' Attack Croquet mallets are highly thought of, and are now supplied with Fenwick Elliott shafts.


We can supply John Riches' booklets; see booklet page.

Computer Games

There are a couple of good computer simulations.

The best I have seen is the one produced by Ian Lines.  The program features rotatable views and zoom capabilities, sound, varying levels of shooting ability, different lawn sizes, singles and doubles, and even variable hoop sizes. The program costs $50. For more information contact Ian Lines at  ian.Lines@atkingsglobal.com, 8 Oakwood Lane, Bowdon, Altrincham, Cheshire, United Kingdom WA14 3DL Tel:0161 929 5443.  

There is also a good fun program, which is free, called KiwiCroquet: this can be downloaded from www.homepages.paradise.net.nz/rrobinso.

A version of the American game can be played on line at http://www.buus.us/Peri_Damon/Video%20Game%20AMOK/Croquet/Croquet%201.7.swf

High Speed Images

A croquet stroke happens very fast, and images taken with a high speed camera are needed to show  what is going on.

Jenny Williams (Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Manchester) has put some interesting stills up on www.hep.man.ac.uk/u/jenny/kiwi/sport/croquet/video/video.html.



World Croquet Federation

Croquet Australia