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The demonstrationThis pages contains some links to various bits of miscellaneous stuff about croquet.  Some of them have precious little to do with any particular sort of mallet, but hey, we don't care about that too much. 

Groovy Shots

Whilst real change is possible in terms of the development of mallets, there is not so much scope for new shots or new tactics in croquet; a lot of bright people have been spending a lot of time for many years pondering how to play the game better.  But there are some shots that I have been playing that one doesn’t see that often, which are always good fun and sometimes useful – see the groovy shots page.


A look at some of the terms used in croquet can be found here

The Adelaide Croquet Players Group

A few details about the ACPG can be found here.

Andrew Usborne's Variations

Andrew Usborne is always inventing variations on the game of croquet, typically designed to add some fun and interest to practice games.  Here are some of them.

Where on earth...

An attempt to keep track of where our mallets are in use is here.

What is the croquet capital of the world?

An interesting question. Look at this.